FIFA Mobile Bot

For Windows & Mac

What is a FIFA Mobile Bot?

FIFA Mobile Bot is a tool that plays the game for you on your PC so that you can focus on something else without losing XP!

The FIFA Mobile bot is here to take the tedious grinding out of the game, and provide you with high level players and rewards to use as you wish for your own team. FIFA Mobile bot provides many features to enhance your game experience and make the game even more enjoyable.

We at BotSauce, a platform for mobile game botting, have added this bot to our software. It is a paid bot so that we are able to provide the best quality and support. In return, you're able to progress in the game without (or atleast way less) having to pay for the in-game currency.

  • Play the game while you're asleep
  • Bot unlimited accounts
  • Grow your account(s) fast
  • The bot employs human-like algorithms
  • Your data is encrypted and only stored locally
  • The bot is always kept up-to-date
  • 24/7 support
  • Seemlessly supports Windows and Mac
BotSauce bot running FIFA Mobile image

FIFA Mobile bot features

  • Unlimited simultaneous bot instances
  • Supports playing seasons
  • Supports playing division rivals Vs Attack
  • Supports playing division rivals Head to Head
  • Supports claiming seasons division rewards
  • Supports collecting Quest Rewards
  • Stop criteria (stop after x losses, stop after x wins, etc.)
  • Stat tracking (wins, losses, runtime, rewards collected)
  • Custom Quick Run Profiles

Pricing and packages

Frequently Asked Questions

It certainly is! The bot uses image recognition as an overlay over a MEmu emulator, so the bot is undetectable.
Yes you can! BotSauce offers a free 3 day trial giving you full premium access to the bot, so that you can also try our other games!

You can claim your free trial on our forum. No creditcard required!
Our staff team and also our community is always available to provide support. Support is given through our forum and Discord!
Simple and short: no it cannot. The bot is playing the game just like you are, so it has no server manipulation. That being said, such cheats probably do not exist for FIFA Mobile.

Never download any tool that claims it can as it's almost always a virus!