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  • How to Bot - FIFA Mobile



    FIFA Mobile is an association football simulation video game developed by EA Mobile and EA Canada and published by EA Sports for iOS and Android. BotSauce FIFA Bot takes the tedious grinding out of the game, and allows you to use rewards to make your dream team!




    For a full list of supported features, click here: 






     Bot Setup


    Step 1 - Select Device to Bot

    Once you open BotSauce, select the device that you want to run the bot on. 



    BotSauce v1.023 2_22_2021 12_05_05 PM.png



    Step 2 - Select FIFA Bot

    After selecting the device that you want to bot, you will then select "FIFA" from the "Select Bot" drop down menu. You should then see the FIFA settings panel, like this. 


    BotSauce v1.023 2_22_2021 12_06_11 PM.png



    Step 3 - Enable Activities

    The next step is to enable the activities that you want the bot to perform. To do this, select the "Activities" tab. 

    Here's a short description for each of the activities:

    - Claim Quest Rewards: This will collect Quest rewards every x minutes specified by the user

    - Claim Seasons Division Rewards: This will collect seasons division rewards every x minutes specified by the user

    - Play Season Match: This will play a seasons match every x minutes specified by the user

    - Play Division Rivals Vs Attack: This will play a division rivals "VS ATTACK" match every x minutes specified by the user

    - Play Division Rivals Head to Head: This will play a division rivals "HEAD TO HEAD" match every x minutes specified by the user


    BotSauce v1.023 2_22_2021 12_06_41 PM.png



    Step 4 - General Configuration

    The last configuration step is the "General" tab. Select this tab to see the remaining settings. Here is a short description of each setting.


    Stop After

    This is a setting that can be enabled to prevent the bot from going if you continue losing over and over, or if you want to stop after a certain number of wins or total matches. You can simply set the numeric value to stop at, and then select a option from the drop down. For example, if you input "5" and select "Losses" then the bot would stop if you lose 5 matches. 


    BotSauce v1.023 2_22_2021 12_06_58 PM.png




    Step 5 - Save a Profile

    Now that you configured all of your settings, save them for later! You can easily save a settings profile to load back in later. That way you don't have to keep setting up the same options over and over. To do this, open the "Profiles" tab. In there, enter a "Profile Name" on the right hand side, and then press "Save". 


    Now you should see the saved profile in the left hand side "Load" drop down box. Now in the future, you don't have to set any settings. When you open the bot, simply select the profile from the "Load" drop down box, and then press the "Load" button. All settings will be loaded exactly as you set them. You can save as many profiles as you need, which is especially useful when botting multiple accounts.


    BotSauce v1.023 2_22_2021 12_07_37 PM.png


    Step 7 - Start the Bot

    That's all there is to it, now press the "Start" button and happy botting!





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