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Raid: Shadow Legends Beginner Tips & Tricks

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Welcome to Raid: Shadow Legends, you're jumping into an ultra-deep world with an endless journey. You'll be building up a team based on hundreds of different Champions in order to defeat an unknown enemy and save Teleria.


This guide provides a wealth of information and tips for new and long time players to help boost your game/botting experience to the next level.


The Affinity (Faction) System


There are 4 kinds of Affinities (or Factions) in RAID: Shadow Legends. To advance in the game, you need to understand what these Affinities are. Affinites are Magic, Spirit, Force, and Void. The Magic, Spirit, Force affinities balance with each other. Void (Purple) doesn’t have any disadvantages or advantages over the others. Learning this system early will help you build the best teams for every situation you'll run into in game.



Magic (Blue) > Spirits (Green) > Force (Red) > Magic (Blue)
Void (Purple): No counter



Turn off Auto-Battle function and try Team Dynamics


Everything will become more and more complicated as you are playing RAID: Shadow Legends. It’s always a must to understand how each Champion works and how they synergize together. And in order to do that, it’s a lot better to play in the Manual mode whenever you want to try out a newly acquired Champion.



Farm the Campaign before diving into Dungeons


Farming the campaign levels during the early game will help you strengthen your teams very fast, as well as will give you plenty of strong gear for the Champions. It’s best to skip the Dungeon for a while until the campaign is nearly completed.



Aim for 3-Star Campaign Completion


Getting 3 stars is crucial while working on Campaign missions. Even if you are not strong enough to get the absolute wins, return with a better team power and acquire 3 stars on all levels, they will give you better rewards.



Equip & Upgrade Full Gear Sets for your Champions


It is very important to equip the proper gear sets for your Champions. Any gear will help, but equipping correct gear for each team Champion will boost the individual & team power greatly.

Upgrading gear is another way to greatly enhance individual characters and the overall team power. If you're a new or low level player, upgrade gear sparingly as you will acquire better gear as you progress. Upgrading gear to specific level tiers, will unlock  perks and increase the power of the Gear & Champion greatly. For every 4 new stages, a new bonus perk will be unlocked. Focus on upgrading Epic (purple) items first, then Rare (blue) and the others. Keep in mind that all gear can have many primary stats. farming gear that have the best set bonuses & primary stats is key throughout the game.



Rank up Champions


Ranking up a Champions require sacrificing other champions to upgrade. Sacrificed Champions must have the same rank as the main character being ranked up. In the early game you'll want to rank up the low-rarity Champions and use them to upgrade the stronger characters later on.



Healers are Key


Always have at least a Healer in your team. Keep at least one Healer and never sacrifice him/her. The Support class of champions are a major part in your team, healers have a muriad of abilities such as raising dead allies, buffing team power, and debuffing the enemie.



Always use Champions with Aura abilities to lead your teams


Certain Champions have abilities called “Aura”, this effect is placd on the whole team when they are set as the team leader. ALWAYS have a Champion that has Aura lead your team. Aura's will grant effects for different game modes eg. 30% damage bonus for campaign levels.


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