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[Release] BotSauce Version 1.020

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  • Developer

BotSauce Version 1.020 is available for download here.



Release Notes

This release bring a huge overhaul to the core of BotSauce. The bot is now composed of multiple pieces, and has a highly modular and dynamic architecture. Now we're setup in such a way that we can rapidly push updates for individual game bots without needing to constantly update the entire bot client itself. Each game bot (aka script) is now individually loaded at runtime to ensure that you automatically have the latest and greatest.


The only time that you will need to download and install an update, is when core items in the bot client change (like gui layout, gui design schemes, or any other core bugs). With this, we can now update the script for each game individually on the fly. All that's needed is to restart the bot client. Because of this new layout, the bot client will continue to have its version (currently 1.020) and in addition, each individual game script will have its own version which can be updated independently of other game scripts. 


This new architecture allows for improved expansion of the BotSauce platform, and for us to more easily have multiple developers create bots on their own. This puts us in an even better position for future growth. 



  • apple.png BotSauce now officially supports Mac! Just download the .jar and run it with Java! (See Getting Started Guide Here)
  • shield.png The BotSauce download files will now be signed with an official code signing certificate to ensure that the files are correct and verified
  • code_icon_30x30.png Performed a major rewrite of the core architecture of the BotSauce client. See description above for full details.



AFK Arena

  • No Changes



FIFA Mobile

  • No Changes



Mobile Legends: Adventure

  • Updated images back from the Christmas themed images in the game since they removed them now



Raid: Shadow Legends

  • Added support to collect the gem mine.
  • Added support to collect rewards from the free store.
    • (It's currently not collecting the special offers, those will be added later)




Helpful Links

General Links


How to Bot Specific Games




- The BotSauce Team

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  • Developer
9 minutes ago, foxxx111 said:

where im downlod the bot ?


You can find the download link in the first line of the post above:


"BotSauce Version 1.020 is available for download here."

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