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[Release] Raid: Shadow Legends [Version 1.005]

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A new version of the Raid: Shadow Legends script has been released! To get the latest script, simply restart your bot client. 



Release Notes

  • Added a new option for campaign "Reset After Level" and "Reset After Stage". Now the bot will be able to cycle from "Start Level" + "Start Stage" all the way up until "Reset After Level" + "Reset After Stage" and then it will restart back to start level + start stage. For example, start at 3-4, restart after 5-6. The bot will start on level 3, stage 4. After beating level 5, stage 6, the bot will loop back and start at 3-4 again. This is helpful to farm specific campaign levels/stages for certain artifacts or drops.



Helpful Links

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- The BotSauce Team

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