AFK Arena Bot - Master the Game with Automated Precision

AFK Arena Bot is a tool that plays the game for you on your PC so that you can focus on something else without losing progress. Take the tedious grinding out of the game, and provide you with high level heroes and rewards to use as you wish!

AFK Arena bot features

We are constantly expanding the features of our bot.


Why choose our AFK Arena bot?

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Efficiency Redefined

Free yourself from repetitive tasks and supercharge your progression, maximize your gaming efficiency by automating resource gathering, leveling up, and more. 24/7.

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Intelligent Interaction

Our bot combines image and text recognition for intelligent decision-making within the game. By avoiding any interference with game code, we've also minimized the risk of bans.

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Wide Emulator Support

Whether you're on BlueStacks, MEmu, LDPlayer, or even using your phone via USB, BotSauce seamlessly integrates with a wide range of emulators.

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VIP Subscription

Unlock the best value with our $16/month VIP Subscription, granting access to all our bots and maximizing your gaming potential without breaking the bank! Prefer specific bots? Individual offerings still available.

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Unlimited Instances

BotSauce lets you run unlimited bot instances for multiple accounts and games at the same time. And the best part? It’s free.

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Fast and Easy Support

Need assistance? Our dedicated support team is just a Discord message away, ready to help you on your botting journey.

Our pricing

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BotSauce VIP

Gives access to all of our premium bots for one vast monthly price!
  • Raid: Shadow Legends
  • Lords Mobile
  • AFK Arena
  • Mobile Legends Adventure
Starting at $16.99 per month
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AFK Arena

  • Battle Campaign Stages
  • Collect Quest Rewards
  • Collect AFK Rewards
  • + More!
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premium badge Included with VIP
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AFK Arena

  • Battle Campaign Stages
  • Battle Kings Tower
  • Level up heroes and equip gear
  • Collect AFK Rewards
  • + More!
Starting at $9.99 per month
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Current client version: 1.039