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    BotSauce aims to be a one stop shop for your botting experience, primarily focused on mobile games. Bots commonly use some form of injection, reflection, or direct server interaction in order to automate game play. BotSauce uses a combination of intelligent image and color recognition to create stealthy, stable bots.

    Check our homepage for more detailed information about the bots we support.

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  1. BotSauce

    1. News and Announcements

      News and announcements about BotSauce will be posted here by the staff of BotSauce.

    2. Client Releases

      Changelogs of new BotSauce releases will be posted here by our Development team.

    3. BotSauce Installation Instructions   (754 visits to this link)

    4. Bug Reports

      Did you find a bug in our client, may it be with a game or the actual client? Please let us know here!

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