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  • How to Bot - Raid: Shadow Legends



    Raid: Shadow Legends is a free-to-play 3D fantasy turn-based RPG for iOS and Android platforms. The game revolves heavily around gacha collection and character customization with over 300 distinct characters to collect from 16 different factions. Pair characters together in the perfect party, upgrade their equipment, unlock masteries, and power up their skills to take on difficult PvE and PvP content. The game features turn-based RPG combat that can either be played on auto or controlled manually using MEmu.




    For a full list of supported features, click here: 







    Bot Setup


    Step 1 - Install Raid: Shadow Legends

    Start MEmu and install Raid: Shadow Legends from the Play Store.


    Multiple Instance Manager 10_25_2020 1_26_02 PM.png



    Step 2 - Setup Playrium account

    Run Raid: Shadow Legends and navigate to the settings window to login or setup accounts. A Playrium/Facebook ID is required to mirror any existing game information from mobile device to MEmu on PC. If you have not already, setup Playrium/Facebook ID from either the mobile device or within the Memu Raid: Shadow Legends environment. (MEmu and Device must have matching Playrium/Facebook ID’s and can be setup from the settings area of Raid: Shadow Legends app on either platform)


    (Raid (Main)) 10_26_2020 11_31_34 PM.png



    Step 3 - Raid: Shadow Legends Startup

    Run Raid: Shadow Legends and hold at the Home Screen (Bastion). BotSauce runs faster when starting from the home screen.


    (Raid (Main)) 2_5_2021 3_24_16 PM.png



    Step 4 - BotSauce Startup

    Run Botsauce and enter you’re FORUM LOGIN information.


    BotSauce Log In 2_5_2021 3_25_22 PM.png


    Botsauce will load the script assets 

    Loading 2_5_2021 3_25_41 PM.png



    Step 5 - Select Raid: Shadow Legends Bot

    Once logged in you will find yourself at the BotSauce preview screen. Here you will see all the MEmu instances and devices that you have running. 


    BotSauce v1.020 1_14_2021 12_51_12 PM.png



    Step 6 - Load a Run Profile

    Botsauce has the abilty to save all your settings in a profile for fast bot startup. Simply setup the bot settings and then return to the profile tab, add a name and save.
    ah welTo load simply find the desired profile from the pulldown and click load.


    BotSauce v1.022 2_5_2021 3_04_31 PM.png



    Step 7 - Select Bot Script

    Upon Selecting the active MEmu instance to be botted, you’ll enter the bot configuration window. Select Raid from the "Select Bot" pulldown menu, This will populate further settings to configure bot process.


    BotSauce v1.022 2_5_2021 4_15_05 PM.png



    Step 8 - Game Mode/Modes Setup

    You can run all combat modes together, or choose only the ones you want, and the script will interleave them. For example, you can run: Campaign every 10 minutes, Dungeons every 30 minutes, Factions every 45 minutes. And the bot will complete campaign -> Dungeon -> Faction, and then repeat when each activity triggers again. The Campaign, Dungeon & Faction tabs provide the specific settings for each game mode.


    BotSauce v1.022 2_3_2021 2_09_57 PM.png



    Step 9 - Difficulty Setup

    Select the difficulty of your choice using to pulldown menu, all difficulty modes are offered using BotSauce.


    BotSauce v1.022 2_5_2021 3_04_22 PM.png



    Step 12 - Setup Stop & Reward Collection Options

    Review and set how often you want game rewards collected, You can also choose from 3 different options to stop the bot automatically. 


    BotSauce v1.022 2_5_2021 3_05_13 PM.png



    Step 13 - Artifact Sales

    Review and set how you want your artifacts sold, You can filter the items by rarity or star level.


    BotSauce v1.022 2_5_2021 3_05_08 PM.png



    Step 14 - Start the Bot

    That's all there is to it, now press the "Start" button and happy botting! Now that you have configured all of your settings, you can save them to a Profile in the "Profiles" tab for quick access later. 



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    • Developer
    41 minutes ago, dillydarlin said:

    is it possible to use the bot on LDPlayer?


    We already talked on Discord, but just to make a public reply: Yes, the bot will work with LDPlayer. 😄

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    can the bot not run without emulation? i use the windows version of raid shadow legends via the plarium play desktop application.

    do i still need to run the android version through an android emulator even tho i have the windows version? if so when will botsauce be compatible with the windows client?


    just joined to try the trial before buying a premium sub.




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