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  • Bot With MEmu




    MEmu is an Android emulator that allows you to run Android applications on your computer. MEmu can run the game, and BotSauce will then interact with it in order to function. There are multiple emulators that we support, MEmu is just one of them. 


    BotSauce is also capable of supporting other emulators, such as BlueStacks, as well as physical USB devices connected to your computer. If you want to use another emulator, or a physical USB device, then you do not need to follow this MEmu setup and installation guide. Instead follow one of these guides:

    • If you wish to use BlueStacks, follow our BlueStacks setup and installation guide by clicking here
    • If you wish to use a physical android device connected via USB, follow our USB setup and installation guide by clicking here






    What's Next?



    MEmu Setup & Installation


    Windows_Icon_50x50.png    Windows



    Step 1 - Download Memu Installer

    You can download the latest MEmu installer from here: https://www.memuplay.com/



    Step 2 - Install MEmu

    After downloading the installer, simply run it and go through all installation steps like any other installer. 



    Step 3 - Ensure that Hardware Virtualization is Enabled

    MEmu (and android emulators in general) will work without hardware virtualization however, everything will be extremely slow and laggy. It is extremely recommended to enable hardware virtualization on your computer before moving forward. You can do this step last if you want. Try to run an emulator without it enabled, and then enable it. You will notice a significant increase in performance and wonder why you didn't just do it in the first place! To enable hardware virtualization, see the official MEmu guide: 

    How to enable Hardware Virtualization [Important]



    Step 4 - Setup your MEmu Instances

    Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed MEmu, you need to configure an instance of MEmu. You can use the default instance by simply running MEmu, but I highly suggest getting acquainted with Multi-MEmu. This will be the hub for running multiple instances of MEmu, which allows for you to also run multiple bots at the same time via BotSauce.  For a full guide on configuring MEmu instances, checkout the official MEmu multi instance guide here: 




    Step 4a - MEmu Configuration

    Open the MEmu instance settings and configure the display settings as shown below for optimal performance with BotSauce.




    (Raid (Main)) 2_14_2021 2_38_43 PM.png



    Step 4b - BotSauce MEmu Manager Configuration

    Now you have the ability to configure MEmu instances from BotSauce's internal instance manager, using this tool you can start, stop and auto configure Memu instances.





    Step 5 - Install Games on MEmu Instances

    Now you need to install the game that you wish to play. Follow the official MEmu guide here:




    Step 6 - Configure MEmu Instance Settings for BotSauce

    Now that you have some instances created, make sure that your emulator settings are optimized for the game you want to play, as well as optimized for BotSauce. After changing MEmu settings, you may be required to restart the MEmu instance.


    Some key things to note:

    • Engine
      • Performance depends on your preference
      • Some games require OpenGL some require DirectX, some it doesn't matter. If you have issues, switch this to the other option and restart the emulator. 
      • If in doubt, enable root mode
    • Display
      • For BotSauce, it is required to use "Tablet" 1280x720 resolution.
    • Preferences
      • Make sure that language is set to English!
      • image.png
    • All other Tabs & Settings
      • Settings are up to you!



    Step 7 - MEmu Setup Complete!

    Now you should be able to run your MEmu instance, and open the installed application/game. 



    Apple_Icon_50x50.png    Mac



    MEmu currently only supports windows. Checkout our BlueStacks setup guide for an emulator that also supports Mac!




    Useful Links [MEmu Website]


    1. MEmu Getting Started Guide
    2. How to enable Hardware Virtualization [Important]
    3. How to Solve Common Startup Issues [stuck loading at x%]
    4. How to Fix Poor Performance [MEmu running slow or laggy]




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