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  • Bot With USB Devices (ADB)



    Along with android emulators, BotSauce also supports botting on physical devices connected to your computer via USB. Once connected, these devices should be detected just like an emulator. 


    BotSauce is also capable of supporting emulators, such as BlueStacks and MEmu. If you want to use an emulator, then you do not need to follow this USB Device setup and installation guide. Instead follow one of these guides:

    • If you wish to use BlueStacks, follow our BlueStacks setup and installation guide by clicking here
    • If you wish to use MEmu, follow our MEmu setup and installation guide by clicking here
    • If you wish to use LDPlayer, follow our LDPlayer setup and installation guide by clicking here






    What's Next?



    USB Device Setup & Installation


    Windows_Icon_50x50.png    Windows  and  Apple_Icon_50x50.png    Mac


    The setup process is identical for Windows and Mac, since this is about configuring the physical phone itself, and nothing specific to the Windows PC or Mac being used. So either way, you can follow these steps to setup a USB device. 



    1. Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging

    The first step is to make sure developer options and USB Debugging is enabled on your android device. Typically, to enable developer options you will:

    1. Open "Settings"
    2. Open "About Phone" or "System" depending on android version
    3. Tap on "Build Number" 7 times in a row to enable developer options


    Once developer options are enabled, you must enable USB Debugging. Typically you will:

    1. Open "Settings"
    2. Open "System > Advanced > Developer Options" or "System > Developer Options" or "Developer Options" depending on your android version
    3. Find the "USB debugging" option and make sure it is enabled


    For a more substantial guide, or if you are having issues following the above steps, check out the full android guide here: 




    2. Connect The Device Via USB

    Now that USB debugging is enabled, we can simply connect the device to the computer via a USB cable. After connecting, you may hear a notification sound on your computer indicating a new device is detected. If the bot is already open, the new device should be detected after a minute or two max. If the bot is not detecting the new device after a couple of minutes, you can try some of the following steps:

    • Make sure in BotSauce, you have enabled "Show USB & Other Devices" on top
    • Disconnect the device and reconnect it via USB
    • Try another USB cable
    • Try another USB port on your computer
    • Restart BotSauce
    • Restart the physical device


    If you are still having issues, please reach out to us on discord, website chat, or make a post on the website for us to review. 



    3. Set Device Language to English

    Your device will need to be set to English to work with the bot. This will vary depending on your Android device, and operating system. 



    4. Turn OFF device SLEEP & LOCK features

    Your device will need to have the SLEEP and LOCK features turned off for the bot to function correctly. These settings will vary depending on your Android device, and operating system. 



    5. All Done!

    Now that you have setup the device, you can start botting!





    Note: If you are experiencing issues running a bot on your device after you have successfully configured BotSauce, try the following:

    • Start the bot for the game you wish to bot
    • Close the app if it is open on your android device
    • Restart the application that you are attempting to bot (with the bot still running)


    This happens sometimes due to device scaling being managed by the bot. Games do not always immediately take scaling into effect, so the android application may need to be restarted for proper scaling to be applied. 


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