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Why isn't BlueStacks recognized by BotSauce?

If your BlueStacks instance is not recognized by BotSauce, try the following troubleshooting steps. 


Common Problem 1

In BotSauce, make sure to enable "Show USB & Other Devices" on top



Common Problem 2

Make sure "ADB" is enabled on your BlueStacks instance. Open Settings, and then go to Preferences. Make sure to select "Enable Android Debug Bridge (ADB)".




Common Problem 3

Make sure that your BlueStacks instance is using "Nougat 32-bit". If you are not sure what Android version you are using, open BlueStacks multi-instance manager. You can see the Android version for every instance listed like below. 



If your instance is not using Nougat 32-bit, create a fresh instance, and make sure to select "Nougat 32-bit" as the Android version. 





Common Problem 4

If the above steps were already correct, and did not resolve your issue then try the following:

  • Restart BlueStacks and wait for it to completely load
  • Open the game that you want to bot in BlueStacks
  • Restart BotSauce
  • Give it a minute to detect your BlueStacks instance. BlueStacks specifically is a little slow to broadcast itself and become discoverable.
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