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  • Setup & Installation Guide - BotSauce




    BotSauce is written in Java, specifically using Java 11 which is the latest LTS (Long Term Support) release of java. Many people may still be using java 1.8 due to older software still requiring this. But fret not, you can have multiple versions of java installed without causing issues! In addition to that, we also provide multiple versions of the BotSauce client for users to download, from the straight Jar, to a full installer bundled with Java for ease of use. Each download type of BotSauce will be explained below, with pros and cons, as well as steps to setup and run the client. 


    Please keep in mind that you will need to have an account on the forum to be able to use to bot.




    • None: This is the first step!



    What's Next?

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    • If you wish to use a physical android device connected via USB, follow our USB setup and installation guide by clicking here



    BotSauce Setup Guide


    Windows_Icon_50x50.png    Windows



    BotSauce Download Types


    1. BotSauce_Setup.exe [Full Installer Bundled With Java - Easiest - Recommended]


    This file is the full BotSauce installer, bundled with java 11 (OpenJDK). This is the easiest solution to install BotSauce and the appropriate version of Java in one quick process. It also uses the standard windows installation process which you are already familiar with.


    Setup Steps

    1. Download the latest BotSauce_Setup file from here: https://botsauce.org/#download

    2. Double click the setup file to open the BotSauce installer, then click on Next with the default installation path.



    3. Select "Create a desktop shortcut" if you want a shortcut, and then hit Next again.



    4. Press the Install button and then wait for the installer to complete.



    5. After the installer finishes, you can run BotSauce. You can now easily run BotSauce from the start menu or desktop shortcut. 




    • One simple installer that installs the BotSauce client and the appropriate version of Java in one go.
    • Ensures that you are using the correct version of java, even if you have other versions installed on your computer. 
    • Uses a private Java Runtime Environment to ensure that nothing else messes with the Java Runtime Environment used by BotSauce.
    • Option to also install a desktop shortcut to make it easier to run
    • You can run BotSauce from your start menu or desktop in windows if you use the installer, which makes it easier to run



    • File size is quite large since it includes the Java Runtime, so it will take more time to download (you can delete the setup file after you install)
    • You need to run the installer before running the bot, as where the .jar or .exe you can simply download and run (although installation process is pretty fast so it's not a big deal)






    2. BotSauce.jar [Standard Java .jar File - Second Easiest Method]


    The standalone jar file is the last recommended option. This is a good option if you are familiar with Jars, and have Java 11 as your system default to open .jar files. 


    Setup Steps

    1. Ensure that you have Java 11 installed, guide here:  
    2. Download the latest BotSauce.jar file from here: https://botsauce.org/#download
    3. Run the .jar file using Java 11 (you may need to set your system default to use Java 11, or right click -> Open with (Java 11)



    • Smaller file size means you can download the file a bit faster than the full installer
    • Some people prefer to use the .jar instead of a full installer



    • You must install Java 11 independently and ensure that you are using the recommended version for BotSauce. This is not a big issue, but for some users that are not familiar with the process, the BotSauce_Setup may be an easier option since it includes the appropriate Java Runtime Environment. 
    • You must ensure that you are opening the .jar with Java 11. This can be a problem if you have Java 1.8 installed, and want to leave that as your system default. Then when you double click the .jar to open, it will not work. 
      • You can work around this by using a batch file to specifically use your java.exe from java 11 install path to call java -jar BotSauce.exe. If you don't know what this means, then you probably shouldn't be using the .jar version. 





    Apple_Icon_50x50.png    Mac



    BotSauce Download Types


    1. BotSauce.jar [Standard Java .jar File - Easiest Method]


    The standalone jar file is the recommended option for Mac. 


    Setup Steps

    1. Ensure that you have Java 11 installed, guide here: 
    2. Download the latest BotSauce.jar file from here: https://botsauce.org/#download
    3. Run the .jar file using Java. You can simply right click -> Open with -> Jar LauncherScreen Shot 2021-01-07 at 11.04.09 PM.png



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