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  1. the speed and accuracy of the mining logic. accurate detection and speedy detection of enemies/neutrals. also, depending on ship type such as venture which is targeted mining whereas a retriever just needs to be near as many ore as possible for strip mining. aligning to a station while mining for quicker getaway. beyond that, engaging an enemy and or actually running encounters. ratting (even lower tiers for afk farming of modules and bp's).
  2. hey guys, a couple of ideas if you havent already considered: 1) Eve Echoes mining (still somewhat of a new game with good playerbase. Image based bots manage to avoid detection up to now). If you can expand this to other areas of the game, great. If not, simply automating mining is a big deal. Multi-box mining is a big deal and huge pain in the a*s to do in game. 2) Blade and Soul. Going Global in March (currently in Asia and other markets). Black Desert Mobile like game that requires a ton of dailies, inventory management, junk sell-off, level ups, etc. Great cand