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  1. Can you post an image or gif of your tower?
  2. Sorry about the late reply, no it will not do all the dailies required to collect all the chests. Currently it will do: Begin a battle (if selected) Level up your hero (under certain conditions, and if selected) Collect loot two times Gift a friend (if selected) Begin a battle at king's tower (if selected)
  3. It can turn in dailies. It can do some dailies, but not all of them yet.
  4. First noticed issue when one client was in the a event, trying to run it's jobs. Returned to main screen and on next rotation it navigated itself back into the events menu, then to an event. Tried everything to fix it, restarted game, restarted BS, no fix. Other client was working fine, hit stop, then start, client started failing like the first. Skipped closing this game/BS, instead relaunched Botsauce. Relaunching botsauce resolved issue.
  5. Summoners War, pretty much RAID, but older and more featureful, and better. Could probably use the RAID bot as a baseline.
  6. This is actually almost exactly the same as Campaign just with different rewards, and should be implemented the same (for now). Click Dark Forest Click King's Tower Once unlocked more zones in tower, a second screen may be present and need to be clicked. (Image attached) Click Challenge Click Begin Battle Same options in bot as campaign. Activities -> Challenge King's Tower every ____ mins.
  7. Already reported it in discord so this is mostly a persistent reminder. BotSauce client version: v1.008 My issue is for : The Client What is the issue: Memory leak, worst performance after 12 hours, likely worse for people with less ram. What I expected to happen: No memory leak--no lag What actually happened: Memory Leak, client is sluggish
  8. I know we discussed the cons of such a feature, but I think the benefits out weight the cons. There's so much potential to this bot, but a lot of it is locked not behind ingenuity but behind work-hours. Most of the `Dark Forest` features could be crowd sourced. Everything in `Dark Forest` should be automated, but I know how unrealistic a request that is to be completed in the near future, which is why I request an API. What the API should do/have. Click at Location. Click/Move mouse (scroll screen). Image inputs for recognition. OCR input/output. Alternative request if API can't be implemented: Automate the following: Voyage of Wonders Peaks of Time King's Tower (plus elemental towers) Arcane Labyrinth Arena of Heros Bounty Board
  9. As titled, since there is some kind of memory leak (tbh it's probably 100% java's fault) I have to restart the bot somewhat frequently. Would be nice to not have to re-select, re-load bot and profiles every time.
  10. BotSauce client version: 1.008 My issue is for : AFK Arena What is the issue: Something goes wrong at 6-40, but gets stuck on world map. Could be because of the Mercenaries tutorial, or an issue of switching between maps upon completion of previous map. What I expected to happen: Move to the next map. (Or current map in this situation) What actually happened: Attempted to exit map which was not possible.
  11. BotSauce client version: 1.008 My issue is for : AFK Arena What is the issue: Bot attempts to click account portrait if it's the same as a hero in game that you have selected to level up. What I expected to happen: Not try to click account portrait. What actually happened: Clicks account portrait to try to level it up.
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