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  1. pls follow our MLA guide for this information or feel free to jump on our discord for assistance
  2. Also for faster support jump in our discord.
  3. You can report here but you will get much faster and a more complete response on the discord, I haven't seen any issues with factions so I would have to see some screen shots to make sure there isn't something else going on. That way we can narow down and try to replicatye the issue and work on a fix. Thanks
  4. Atm we have no specific strat guides. That said im sure a quick google will help out. Have a great day
  5. Check the Bluestacks settings to make sure Android Device Bridge is enable in the preferences section. Thank you, feel free to jump in our discord if you ever need quick support. Cheers
  6. We have this feature on the list of feature suggestions. We are looking at solutions but i cannot give any sort of time frame at this point. Thanks you for the input.
  7. Welcome, if you have any questions feel free to jump into the discord and we can help out if needed. 

  8. Hero Stats Basics Health (HP) Attack (ATK) Defense (DEF) Crit Rating (CR) Accuracy (ACC) Dodge Haste (MSPD) Magic Resist (MR) Physical Resist (PR) Life Leech (LL) Crit Amplification (CA) Crit Resistance (CRITD) Insight (IS) Tenacity (TY) Health Regeneration (HR) Received Healing (RH) Attack Speed (AS) Cooldown (CD) Casting Speed (CS) Source: AFK.guide
  9. For a full Raid: Shadow Legends getting started guide Click Here
  10. Welcome to Raid: Shadow Legends, you're jumping into an ultra-deep world with an endless journey. You'll be building up a team based on hundreds of different Champions in order to defeat an unknown enemy and save Teleria. This guide provides a wealth of information and tips for new and long time players to help boost your game/botting experience to the next level. The Affinity (Faction) System Turn off Auto-Battle function and try Team Dynamics Farm the Campaign before diving into Dungeons Aim for 3-Star Campaign Completion Equip & Upgrade Full Gear Sets for your Champions Rank up Champions Healers are Key Always use Champions with Aura abilities to lead your teams
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