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BotSauce is Looking for Scripters!


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BotSauce is looking for Scripters!





BotSauce is a mobile game automation tool written in Java that provides high quality bots for mobile games, all in one easy platform. BotSauce does not reverse engineer, manipulate, or otherwise tamper with game code, making it the safest option possible for botting. BotSauce is easy to use and works on various emulators such as BlueStacks and MEmu and it can also run the bots directly on a users android device through a usb connection.


We currently have support for 4 games (Raid: Shadow Legends, AFK Arena, Mobile Legends Adventure and FIFA Mobile) and are currently working on a fifth title but there are many more to add and we cannot do that on our own. So we're looking for scripters to join our platform!



Raid: Shadow Legends bot running: General tab




How do the scripts work?


Writing scripts for most games is easy with our API, as long as most logic can be executed by either image or color recognition. Text recognition is currently not supported, but we do have it in development. The general work flow to write a feature in your script is going to be:


  • Capture the images and/or set of colors (using our simple tooling) that you want to detect in order for your bot to perform the action(s) you want it to do.
  • Write the detection logic using our API and many of our guides, in a few lines. You don't have to write any of the actual detection functionality.
  • Optionally, put the logic under a certain condition which can be set in the GUI (for example through a checkbox) and put it under a timer (for example, run every 10 minutes).
  • Done, you've written a basic functionality for any game!



Why should I become a Scripter on BotSauce?


  • First of all, the most logical of all: money! You will get 60% of the sale price for all of your scripts and you decide it's price (as long as it's reasonable).
  • Complete freedom in the games that you like to write bots for (as long as it's for a game currently not supported on our platform, of course). But we understand that it can be quite hard to find suitable games so we always have a list of games with potenial ready for our scripters to make use of.
  • You only have to write and maintain your script(s) and we can take care of everything else such as selling your script(s), doing the advertising, keeping the platform updated and we deal with all the disputes and chargebacks (if any).



How can I sign up?


Simply send us a PM here and answer the short questions found below.
We aren't very strict about this process as there are unlimited spots available but we do want to make sure that all of the scripts on our platform are of high quality.

Keep in mind that the scripts are written in Java.


  1. What is your BotSauce forum name and / or Discord username? (We need at least 1 of the 2)
  2. Which programming languages do you know? (List all, in order of strongest to weakest)
  3. Do you have any experience developing bots (or any automation) for other games or applications? (If so, elaborate)


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