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Earn Account Credit for your review(s) in our store!

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Dear Community,


We are currently holding a special promotion where you can earn $3 account credit for every review that you leave for products in our store.



What are the requirements?

1. The store only allows you to write a review if you have bought the product. Sorry for the people that are under a trial, we currently do not have a solution for that.


2. Your review must at least have a length of 50 characters to be eligible for the account credit.


3. You only get the account credit per unique store product. Writing several reviews for the same product will not work.


4. And as last: be honest! It doesn't matter if your review is positive, neutral or negative. We reward you for your honest review!



How does it work?

Please remember that the store only allows you to write a review if you own the product. Go to the store to the product you like to write a review for. At the bottom of the page you will see two tabs named "Product Information" and "Product reviews". Click on the "Product reviews" tab and then hit the "Write a review" button. You can now write your review!


You will not directly get your $3 account credit after you've hit the "Add review" button. A staff member will manually validate your review and will then give you the account credit if your review matches the requirements. This process can take up to 48 hours.



What is account credit?

Every user has a 'BotSauce Wallet' which can be used to pay for new products and renewals. This wallet is filled with account credit that is obtainable in three ways:


1. Redeeming an official BotSauce (gift) coupon.

2. Earned through being an affiliate, more information here: https://botsauce.org/forum/topic/49-how-to-become-an-affiliate/

3. Earned through special promotions like this one.



We cannot wait to see your review(s)!


The BotSauce staff team.


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