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[Release] Lords Mobile [Version 1.000]


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  • Developer

We're excited to announce the next bot in our list of supported games: Lords Mobile!

This bot is full of features, and we have many more planned for future updates! 


The Lords Mobile script can be purchased in the store here: 



It's also included in our premium package, which can be purchased here:



Release Notes

The following features are currently supported in the initial release:

  • Unlimited Simultaneous Bot Instances (Unlimited Accounts)
  • Auto Train Troops (Barracks)
  • Auto Heal Troops (Infirmary)
  • Auto Upgrade Buildings
  • Auto Building
  • Auto Shelter
  • Auto Mystery Box
  • Auto Admin Quests
  • Auto Guild Quests
  • Auto Turf Quests
  • Auto VIP Chest
  • Auto Send Help (Guild)
  • Auto Ask for Help (Guild)
  • Auto Resource Gathering
  • Stat tracking
  • Custom Quick Run Profiles


A full list of supported and planned features is being maintained here: 



Feel free to join us in discord, or post on the link above if you have any suggestions for upcoming features to be added!


Checkout the progress in the image below for a view of what the bot can do, 16+ hours and still going strong!




Helpful Links

General Links


How to Bot This Game




- The BotSauce Team

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