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How to Become an Affiliate

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BotSauce has an affiliate program which is available to everyone! The affiliate program allows you to earn money for referrals. For those of you unfamiliar with the program, in short: as an affiliate you get your own unique URL that points to the botsauce forum. Anyone that then registers to BotSauce will be your referral, and you will get a percentage of their total order amount whenever a referral buys or renews anything from our store. This is lifelong, so it includes one time purchases, renewals, and general subscriptions!



How does it work?


1. Send me a Private Message expressing your interest to join the affiliate program, and answer the following questions:

- Do you have a YouTube or similar channel? If so, include the link. 

- Do you have a Twitch or similar streaming channel? If so, include the link. 

- Do you have a website where you will advertise the affiliate link? If so, include the link.

- Do you have any other locations or ideas to share your affiliate link with others? If so, how?


2. I will process your application as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours). If accepted, you will be added as a BotSauce affiliate, granting you access to create your own BotSauce referral URL. You will also gain access to the special affiliate forum section where you can find some promotion material that you can use and where you can find BotSauce announcements aimed to our affiliates only.


3. Anyone that registers on BotSauce through your unique referral URL will be added as referral to your account. You will get a percentage of the total order amount whenever any of your referrals makes a purchase (may it be a new purchase or a renewal). The money is automatically added as account credit to your account.



What can I do with the account credit that I earn from referrals?


You can use account credit in two ways:


1. You can withdraw the account credit to your PayPal. It has to be a minimum amount of $10, and all of the relevant orders behind that money have to be older than 7 days (this is a security measure to make sure the orders are not charged back or refunded within 7 days). Any account credit that is not earned as an affiliate is not eligible for withdrawal (i.e. giveaway credits, etc.).


2. You can use the account credit as payment method in our store to pay for subscriptions, etc.



What will be my percentage of the total order amount?


We work with 'referral levels' so your cut is based on the referral level that you are in:


Referral level 1: Less than 20 unique referrals that have bought something. You will get 10%!

Referral level 2: 50+ unique referrals that have bought something You will get 15%!

Referral level 3: 100+ unique referrals that have bought something You will get 20%!


As you gain referrals, the system will promote you automatically (usually within 1 hour, until then the old percentage still applies). Please note that your new percentage will only apply to purchases or renewals done after you've been upgraded. Purchases before that will use the previous referral level. 


Disclaimer: The referral system is intended for new user registrations, you are not allowed to use your own affiliate url for your own created accounts. Any attempts to circumvent these restrictions will result in a loss of affiliate rank, and forfeit any outstanding income.


Happy botting!

- The BotSauce Team

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