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These rules are to be followed at all times by all (staff) members. Breaking any rule can cause your account to be infracted or permanentely suspended of BotSauce.




1. Offensive Language/Harassment

There is to be nothing posted, said, or linked on the forum or live chat that could be seen as offensive by other members of the community. This includes, but is not limited to:

> Discrimination in any way, including sex, religion, race or ethnicity, nationality, sexual preference, or spiritual beliefs;
> Comments intended to hurt another member;
> Any dis-respect towards other members of this community;
This rule also applies to media.

Harassing other members of the community, including staff members, is unacceptable and will result in 2 warnings point if after a verbal warning you continue to provoke/bother said individual, this includes hate threads, disrespectful PM's on the forum and discord, constant spamming on the other members topics etc...


2. Excessive Spamming

Spamming is strictly against the rules and action will be taken when done excessively. If you wish to post a spam thread you’re free to do so in our Off-Topic section. Also make sure to use the search button before posting a thread, just to make sure a thread such as yours hasn't been posted already. Do not post completely off-topic or post things that does not benefit the topic in any way. If you decide to go off-topic , please add something that’s relevant to the topic too. 

Double posts are not allowed, and will be removed. Excessive double posting will result in an warning or infraction.


3. Advertising

Mentioning websites is allowed. Posting URL's to other websites is allowed as well, as long as it's done in a friendly non spamming way and as long as it's not overly promoting said website. Doing so can result in a warning if not ban.


4. Personal Information/Hate threads

No personal information of other member's is allowed to be posted on the forum, even with their permission. They must post it themselves if they wish for it to be. This includes, but is not limited to:

> Names;
> Personal photos;
> Instant Messaging;
> Phone numbers;
> Addresses;
> E-mails;
> Name relations from other communities or anywhere else;
Nothing is to be created that is directed towards a certain member or staff-member of the community in a hatred way. This will not be tolerated and will result in a warning or ban.


5. Pornographic Content

No media, content, or talk will be posted regarding pornographic content. This means that no nudity is to be shown anywhere on the forum and talking about certain sites will result in a warning.


6. Gravedigging

Don't post on topics that haven't been posted on for 14+ days, the thread is usually dead and needs no further posts on it. This rule does not apply to topics about bugs or suggestions that are still relevant.


7. Malicious Content

No content that contains malware, trojans, or viruses is to be posted anywhere on the forum. This includes direct intent to DDoS another member of our community, any other community, or any other website. This will result in a temporary ban, or IP ban depending on the situation; further action may be taken, as this is also a federal offense.


8. Your Forum Account

Making numerous accounts to bypass our trial system is not allowed. If you are found doing this you will be banned on all of your accounts even if any of them have a paid subscription. You will receive an IP ban if you are caught doing this again.


9. Language

This is an English only forum, you are free to use whatever language you want in private chat or personal messenger.



Warning points distrubution

Note: These are guidelines. Staff members ultimately decide the amount of warning point(s) you receive based on the situation.


Warning Type Warning Point(s)
Excessive Spamming 1
Excessive Gravedigging 1
Offensive Language / Harassment 2
Offensive Media 2+
Mass Advertising 5+
Malicious Content 10
Scamming 10



Note: The following infractions will automaticly be given by the system, when you reach a certain amount of warning points.


Infraction Warning Points
1 Day suspension 5
3 Days suspension 7
Permanent ban 10


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