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Dear community,


BotSauce is a few months old now and we have been seeing a steady grow ever since we started. There's only one thing that hasn't grown and that is our server. It's just a matter of time before our server (will figuratively) start to smoke, so it's time to upgrade it!


We will migrate our server this saturday, the 19th of December around 2PM (UTC+1).


The migration will have the following effects:


  • The expected downtime will be a maximum of 24 hours though it could take longer if anything goes wrong. You can stay updated through our Discord so make sure to join it! https://discord.gg/AArrUbQ


  • A new client will be released as soon as the migration is over. The new client version will connect to our new server. The previous version will then be closed.


  • Our website and forum will be offline around the mentioned time of 2PM. It is however possible that you're still able to visit our website and forum for maybe 2-3 hours longer. This is because DNS changes will take some time to reach you.


  • We've taken the needed precautions to assure that our botting client will remain online even while migrating. However, any renewals will not automaticly get registrated so it's wise to renew earlier if any of your active packages expire on the 19th or 20th of december, so that you are able to keep using the bot while the migration is going.


  • Like the situation in the previous bullet, trials are also affected by the downtime. You are unable to claim a trial while the migration is going so if you were planning on claiming a trial soon it would be wise to do so before the migration starts!



Please let us know if you have any questions. We cannot wait to get BotSauce on another level!


The BotSauce staff team.

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  • Developer

The website should be back online for everyone. If it's still not online for you then the DNS didn't properly clear yet, the website should then also soon be back online for you!


Client version 1.019 is going to be released within a few minutes now. Please make sure to use that version as soon as possible as 1.018 is still running on the old server!


BotSauce is also running a special chrismas coupon code for our store for 40% off for your entire purchase!

Use coupon code: CHRISTMAS2020


The coupon code will work until the 3th of January 20:00 EST!

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