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[Release] BotSauce Version 1.019

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BotSauce Version 1.019 is available for download here.



Release Notes

This release is a required update to complete the client side changes needed to interact with our new and improved web host! We apologize for any down time, but this is a great step in setting BotSauce up for our future growth.




  • Moved the client connections to work with our new (and much better) web host that we just migrated to!
  • Updated the BotSauce installer to no longer require admin permission
  • Updated core pieces to better account for the large variability in users PC speed. This should make all bots have more accurate performance on lower/mid tier PCs, or in case you are having issues with BlueStacks performance in general. These improvements are more applicable to BlueStacks and using Mobile Devices (not so much if using MEmu). 



AFK Arena

  • No Changes



FIFA Mobile

  • No Changes



Mobile Legends: Adventure

  • No Changes



Raid: Shadow Legends

  • No Changes (gem mine and free shop should hopefully arrive in 1.020! They are sadly delayed)




Helpful Links

General Links


How to Bot Specific Games




- The BotSauce Team

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