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[Release] AFK Arena [Version 1.002]

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A new version of the AFK Arena script has been released! To get the latest script, simply restart your bot client. 



Release Notes

  • Wrote an auto hero updater that will help keep our supported hero list up to date
  • Updated the list of heroes to include the following changes:
    • Added Alna
    • Added JOKER
    • Added Mortas
    • Added QUEEN
    • Added Pippa
    • Added Silas
    • [Did not add] Kren - I do not have the required image yet
  • Updated the script to support heroes with skins, previously it only supported the default hero icons
  • The script will now handle screens that pop up with the action "Touch the blank area to close"
  • The script will now handle screens that pop up with an "x" button on the top right to close it



Helpful Links

General Links


How to Bot Specific Games




- The BotSauce Team

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