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[Release] Raid: Shadow Legends [Version 1.007]

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A new version of the Raid: Shadow Legends script has been released! To get the latest script, simply restart your bot client. 



Release Notes

  • Fix for google play disconnect error, the bot will now press the "OK" button when this pops up.
  • Completely rewrote the logic for combat modes. Now you can chain together any combination of combat modes independently of each other. Previously you could only select one combat mode for the script to use at a time. Now you can run all combat modes together, or choose only the ones you want, and the script will interleave them. For example, you can run: Campaign every 10 minutes, Dungeons every 30 minutes, Factions every 45 minutes. And the bot will complete campaign -> Dungeon -> Faction, and then repeat when each activity triggers again. 
  • Removed the need for "Manual" mode in dungeons and factions. You can now specify the stages to run. 
  • Added options into Dungeon and Faction to cycle from stage A to stage B and then repeat (like how Campaign was already)
  • Added a "Toggle All" button for each rarity in the "Sell Artifacts" tab to make it faster to configure what you want the script to sell.



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- The BotSauce Team

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